Aeronautical Apprenticeship Vacancies

Aeronautical Apprenticeships at Somerset College

Aeronautical Apprenticeships have been developed in partnership with JMC Recruitment Solutions, and was started in response to the skills gap in the Aeronautical Industry. This Apprenticeship provides a mix of classroom teaching at the College and hands-on experience in aviation workshops.

"Gain Hands-on and Teamwork Experience"

Neil Simkin, Head of Engineering at JMC Engineering spoke to us about his experience and the new qualification.

“JMC starting trading in 2008 as a recruitment company and I was the Hanger Manager at FlyBe. My role was to look after all the engineering across all types of aircraft. In 2012 I was approached by the founder of JMC, offering me the opportunity to head-up their programme of expansion into aircraft engineering. One of the first things I wanted to do was establish a solid apprenticeship programme in order to train new talent and secure the future of the aviation industry.

The rewards for the apprentices are simple; they gain hands-on and teamwork experience as well as the ability to actually do the job, rather than just study the theory. Over the last decade, we’ve noticed a lack of practical skills in trainees coming through the system, and it takes a long time to gain all the necessary knowledge before an employer is willing to take them on. There is a lot at stake when working on aircraft, so employers are naturally reluctant to employ under-prepared graduates, not to mention the added time and expense incurred in developing new recruits.

Equipping Apprentices with Fundamental Hand Skills and Knowledge

Currently we run a one year pre-apprenticeship which is a Level 2 City & Guilds. This provides apprentices with fundamental hand skills as well as knowledge of aircrafts and the basic systems. On successful completion, they start working with JMC for a further three years, after which they graduate with a Level 3, an A Licence that is the first step on the licensing system ladder within civil aviation, and a job with JMC Engineering.”

If you are interested in having an apprentice and the benefits to you as an employer please speak to our dedicated Apprenticeship Team who will be able to offer you a no obligation meeting to discuss your options.

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