Teamwork Skills at Somerset College

Teamwork Skills Courses at Somerset College

Teamwork Skills are everything. Communication, teamwork and a positive attitude are what all employers need and value. If young people can show an employer that they have the attitude and skills to make a positive impact, they have a great chance of securing a job and adding value to their employer from Day One.

Somerset College has created a Teamwork skills Course to build  teamleader skills and confidence. The course is a combination of classroom, outdoor adventure, challenges, creative and constructive activities, off-campus community project work and residential trips.

A wide range of activities is planned, including mountain biking, climbing, surfing and canoeing. Students will brainstorm, plan and deliver ‘hands on’ project tasks, potentially addressing areas of need within the Taunton community about which they feel strongly.

The course will build personal skills: motivation, organisation, communication and key aspects of teamworking that employers will recognise. The emphasis is to build skills to work in a team, just like in the workplace.

Somerset College Course Director William Taunton-Burnet says “We believe that every student has a strength that can be developed and used to build their confidence and start their career. The chance to gain practical experience of projects, and to gain the ‘can do’ and ‘make it happen’ skills that come with that, are expected to make the teamworking course one of the most inspirational moments in the students’ education so far. That is our aim.”

“Students are expected to come from all backgrounds and levels of attainment. Working in peer groups within such a diverse group will build skills in a way that is directly relevant to the workplace - and very different from the way most school classroom activities are run” says senior course director Craig Broadway.

The mentoring and development that will be provided along the way will help to guide students into the most suitable next stage, whether it be a course that matches their interests and skills, an apprenticeship or into full-time work.

The course will lead to a Level 1 Certificates in Teamworking (NOCN), Community Volunteering (ASDAN) and the National Citizen Service (NCS) award. NCS is a national skills development initiative promoted by the government.

Somerset College is proud to have been part of the NCS teamwork skills pilot programme in July 2012 which was a great success. Every student of the NCS programme gave the programme a score of 80% or higher for its overall effectiveness and value, and every single one said they would recommend it to a friend.