Psychotherapeutic Counselling Level 5 Diploma

Course Details

  • Start Date
    September 2019
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Attendance
    Part Time
  • Awarding Body
    AIM Awards
  • Cost
    £ 2141.00 per year
  • Centre Location
  • Who is this course for?

    Those people who have already completed a substantial amount of counselling/counselling skills training at Level 4 and who wish to study at a higher theoretical, academic and practical level. The course would be appropriate for people specialising in counselling, whether in the voluntary, statutory or private sectors.

    Candidates will be practising counsellors, and will be expected to be committed to client work within BACP ethical framework or equivalent.

    The Diploma challenges candidates to achieve high standards in conceptual knowledge and understanding in aspects of therapeutic counselling. Candidates are required to engage in a wide range of therapeutic relationships with different clients.

    At Level 5, learners should be practitioners who have sufficient experience to evaluate how useful theoretical concepts are proving to be in their own client work.

  • Course Description

    The AIM Awards Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (QCF) provides opportunities for critical self-reflection and enables learners to work towards the production of a research proposal. The proposal will cover the field of counselling research and the methodological approaches to enquiry to assess and evaluate the practice of counselling and/or a topic relevant to the field.

    Learners will be expected to demonstrate a critical appreciation of theoretical concepts, legal and ethical issues in all their written work.

    One of the key features of this course is for participants to engage fully in counselling training and research, learning through, as well as about, counselling and the training process.

    Participants are encouraged to develop their own reflective; self-monitoring skills, alongside supervised counselling placement practice. A range of teaching methods are used to consolidate previous training and each participant will be encouraged to develop a clear counselling style that is appropriate for them, their clients and their working context.

    Placements / Work Placements

    • A minimum of 100 hours of supervised counselling practice during the training period
    • Personal therapy throughout the programme is recommended

  • Teaching and Assessment

    You will be expected to attend one day a week, for 32 weeks from 9.30am - 5pm and complete at least eight hours of private study time per week.

    This qualification comprises three mandatory units; Counselling practicum, counselling supervision, ethical and legal issues, research in counselling and an externally set synoptic assessment.  

    Internally reviewed supervisor's report

    • Assessors will review the supervisor's report to ensure learners have successfully achieved the required evidence of 100 hours of counselling practice.

    Externally assessed report of study of supervised practice

    • Learners must complete an academic study, in essay form, of about eight one-to-one clinically supervised counselling sessions with the same client which will have been completed within their placement setting. The essay is externally assessed and must be submitted to AIM Awards by the deadline.

    Internally assessed essay

    • Learners must write an essay to a set assignment brief which is assessed by the tutor.
    • The essay must be written in a formal academic style.

    Externally assessed research proposal

    • Learners must complete a research proposal outlining a viable and realistic research project. The proposal is externally assessed and must be submitted to AIM Awards by the deadline.

    Externally assessed examination

    • Learners must complete and pass an externally assessed examination.
    All teaching staff are members or accredited members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.
    The course is delivered on a part-time basis for one day a week over one academic year.
  • Progression Opportunities

    To contribute towards further personal development and personal accreditation, a number of short courses are available such as the Level 6 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

  • Career Progression

    These training hours will contribute to individual accreditation with BACP.

  • Entry Requirements

    You will need to have completed training at Level 4.
    Learners who have achieved the AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Practice (QCF) will be able use the 100 hours of practice gained as part of this qualification to meet the practicum requirements of the AIM Awards Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (QCF)
    On receipt of your application you will be invited to participate in an individual interview with one of the course tutors.

  • Costs

    Additional costs will inlcude books. Clinical supervision and personal therapy costs may apply.