Bespoke Tailor and Cutter Apprenticeship Level 5

Course Details

  • Duration
    22 months
  • Cost
  • Course Description

    You need to be employed to start an Apprenticeship. Please visit our vacancy page or contact 01278 441234 if you have an employer. If you are unable to secure employment, you could enrol on a full-time study programme and transfer to an Apprenticeship at a later date. Please apply for a full-time course as your second option.

    This Apprenticeship is for some looking to train as a bespoke tailors and cutters producing tailored garments that are cut and made to a unique pattern for an individual. Many of the skills are carried out by hand in order to produce a garment that fits precisely to a customer’s requirements.

    Bespoke tailoring forms the heart of the British menswear and womenswear industry and has an international and iconic reputation. Bespoke tailors and cutters have practical skills in bespoke garment manufacture and pattern construction.

    This Apprenticeship is comprised of mandatory core skills and knowledge with a choice of specialising in either tailoring or cutting as a career path. The skills involved in bespoke tailoring cover a wide area of expertise that includes craft, technical, creative and design. These skills are fundamental to the bespoke tailoring industry and ultimately have to be employed with great precision, to high standards of excellence and within realistic time constraints.

    The Apprenticeship includes the following:

    • How to make bespoke coats (jackets) trousers, waistcoats and skirts.
    • How to baste these garments through the adjustments process to final finishing, pressing and completion.
    • The principles of garment construction for a range of garments such as jackets, trousers, waistcoats and overcoats.
    • Cloth characteristics and their behaviour.
    • A range of styles and fashion trends and suitability of style to individual customers.

    Most jobs combine a number of these aspects, but whichever job you choose to do, your Apprenticeship will be structured so that the training matches your job. You will work for your employer four days a week and train for one day a week either in-house or at College.

    Apprentices can start this apprenticeship at any time of year.

  • Teaching and Assessment

    You will be appointed an Assessor who will visit you in the workplace and assess your progress. Some of these visits will provide you with evidence that you can use towards the qualification. One day a week you will work on your College coursework in order to gain underpinning knowledge.

    Functional Skills in maths and English are required, though some exemptions may apply. Your assessment will include a multiple choice test and professional discussion with an external examiner.

  • Progression Opportunities

    On successul completion you could continue in employment or progress to a university level qualification.

  • Entry Requirements

    You need GCSEs at grades C/4 and above in maths and English, and will complete an initial assessment in maths and English. You also need a suitable employer able and willing to support you during your Apprenticeship programme and interest/experience in the vocational area.

    Entry is subject to a successful formal application and interview.