Animal Management Centre

This £2 million Animal Management facility provides a state-of-the-art setting for studying animal welfare. It provides large theory and practical rooms, while housing an extensive animal collection.

The Centre is broken down into specialist animal areas. This includes a nocturnal room which is home to our Sugar Gliders, chinchillas and Asiatic Desert Dormice and a selection of rodents.

A selection of rodents commonly kept as pets are housed in the nocturnal room (hamsters, Acacia Rats), providing a behaviour comparison to those kept in the diurnal (non-nocturnal) rodent rooms. It also has a pair of Cuban Hutias (Capromys pilorides) which provide students with hands-on experience with larger rodents.

The exotic and amphibian areas house a range of snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles, frogs, newts and toads. For those interested in fish we also have cold and tropical fish tanks.

The paddock areas are home to the llamas, a flock of Soay and Shetland sheep, goats and ponies. Students also have access to farm animals and horses to increase their practical experience with large animals. The enterprises include a high yielding dairy herd and brand new milking parlour, beef cattle, calf and replacement stock, sheep flock and breeding pigs.

Animal health checks can be carried out in our veterinary nursing room. This area is equipped with a range of veterinary nursing equipment, including an x-ray machine, resuscitation dogs, Tin canis 20 and surgical equipment—providing an excellent learning resource for both vet nursing and animal management students. The isolation room provides the opportunity for students to practice methods of isolation and barrier nursing techniques in a real-life situation.