apprenticeship campaign reaches target

Apprenticeship Campaign is a runaway success

Somerset's 100 in 100 Apprenticeship Campaign to create a hundred apprenticeships in a hundred days has reached it's target - in just 22 days.

Now with a hundred apprentices successfully signed up around Somerset, the Campaign will carry on with a new title, the 100 + 100 Apprenticeship Campaign.

"It's a wonderful result that will greatly benefit both apprentices and employers," said Sue Parker, Director of Enterprise and External Relations at Somerset College in Taunton, which is helping to lead the Campaign.

"We have a number of exciting new apprenticeships at the College and are working closely with employers to create more.  There is a real hunger for apprenticeships now and that's what we and our partners will provide," she said.

The College offers a wide range of apprenticeships from IT and Railway Engineering to Electrical Installation and is working with four other colleges plus independent ttraining providers around Somerset to promote the 100 + 100 Apprenticeship Campaign.

It has been launched to businesses as part of £250 million government funding to boost apprenticeships around the country.

For more information on apprenticeships at Somerset College, please call our Business Centre on 01823 366 555 or email