Art for Life presentation

Art brings corridors back to Life

Corridors at Musgrove Park Hospital are being used to help ease the pain and suffering of patients and visitors through the Art for Life scheme and Somerset College undergraduates.

Windows without a view have been brought back to life by designs from the BA (Hons) Interior Textiles and Surface Design undergraduates.

The undergraduates have applied designs cut from coloured vinyl to the windows allowing light to flood into otherwise drab corridors. The window pieces were themed on the ‘Secret Garden', to relate to the nearby flower shop.

Leanne Maddison and Michelle Saunders, who study BA (Hons) Interior Textiles and Surface Design at the College, were presented as the overall winners of the project that saw six finalists have their work displayed in windows along corridors.

Leanne was praised for her crisp and clear design, and judges liked how Michelle's design engaged with passers by so that they stopped and thought about the piece.

Leanne said: ‘It is wonderful to think that my artwork will bring happiness and relaxation to patients and staff at the hospital. The corridors have been transformed by the glasswork and are now much brighter and more colourful.'

Michelle said: ‘I tried to grab people's attention and make them think about my piece of work. It takes their thoughts away from any pain that they might be having at that moment.'

The other four finalists were Peach Shakesby, Jamie Bass, Naomi Rush and Louise Apps.

Sir Michael Layard, Chairman of the Arts for Life Committee, said: ‘Art is a vital part of keeping the hospital cheery. Many of the people who come to the hospital are scared or in pain and art is a wonderful way of making people feel better.'

Bronwen Gwillim, the Art and Design Director at Musgrove Park Hospital, said: ‘I am thrilled with this years students. Their sensitivity to the needs of patients and their professional approach was very impressive indeed.'

This is the fifth year that Somerset College textile undergraduates have worked in partnership with Musgrove Park Hospital to produce works of art for the Art for Life project.

Neil Musson from Somerset College, said: ‘The Art for Life project is a great project for our students to take part in. The students came up with very original designs to fill the windows and make the corridors that much more inviting.

‘We have had a longstanding and enjoyable partnership with Musgrove Park Hospital, it allows us to test our students as they have to use light, colours and form to brighten up an otherwise dull area. It is just one example of how closely we work with local and national organisations.'

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