Art students display commemorative WW1 montage at Flower Show

Art students from Somerset College, working in partnership with Britain’s longest running Flower Show, have honoured the memory of those affected by the horrors of the First World War.

This year's Taunton Flower Show opened on Friday 1 August marking the 100th anniversary of the conflict. The College’s art students produced a montage of images which took pride of place alongside the Show’s main arena. The art students sought to capture the commemorative mood of the nation with a moving tableau of 18 large images representing moments, images and themes of WW1, one hundred years after the start of the ‘war to end all wars’.

“This type of project has a huge amount to offer our students, and it is an excellent community showcase for their talents. We are delighted to be working in partnership with the flower show” said Kristyn Woodward, head of student engagement at the College.

Taunton Flower Show’s Vice Chairman, Adrian Prior-Sankey was deeply impressed with the results of the students’ hard work,

“This year’s show coincides with the start of World War One a century ago and it seemed appropriate to harness the artistic talents of local students to reflect many of the ways in which that conflict impacted on ordinary people’s lives all those years ago.

“Taunton Flower Show is grateful to the students and staff of Somerset College for giving up part of their vacation to help our visitors remember.”

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Pictured: Carl Middleton, Head of Art & Design at Somerset College, alongside the entrance to the World War 1 commemorative display