Paul Hurley, Performance Artist

Artist seeks public's views

Community consultation takes on a whole new meaning as Performance Artist Paul Hurley prepares to express Taunton people’s views about the town’s regeneration.

Paul, one of three artists in residence at Somerset College until mid-August, is asking Taunton people to email him with their hopes, fears, wishes and worries about the regeneration of the town.

These will lead to a performance on the theme of regeneration and ritual, taking place around the town centre on Saturday July 31 from 2pm, in which Paul will express people’s views through dance - and aim to bring good fortune to the town. Anyone interested can email Paul at before Saturday lunchtime.

Paul’s work is part of a project called Context, which aims to increase support for the visual arts in Somerset. The other artists taking part in the residency are Natalie Parsley, a painter and recent graduate from Somerset College, and graphic artist Brian Gibson.

From the 9th to the 13th August there will be an exhibition at the College of the artists’ work created during the residency.