Awards to Help Study

Fourteen Somerset College students travelled, studied and used their experiences to finish their final year of BA studies in the Arts and Design division.

Thanks to the Bursary Awards from Taunton Deane Borough Council the students visited areas of specialist interest for their projects such as London, Rouen and Berlin.

Taunton Mayor and Councillor, Jefferson Horsley, visited a display of the projects and spoke to the students to hear about their findings.  For their Bursary Awards, the students experienced design cultures, spoke to artists and made contacts in the professional world.

Examples of students’ projects includes a study of fashion and textiles and researching womens’ shoes from the 18-20th centuries in a museum in Northampton.  A trip was made to Amsterdam to study Van Gogh for a thesis.  The history of Tweed was researched in the Outer Hebrides to look at its relevance and issues in the globalised world. 

Students put in applications last May with tutors selecting the ones to go forward to the panel of local councillors at Taunton Deane Borough Council.  Generally, students were awarded between £50 to £300 for their applications.

In order to finish their BAs students have to finish their modules in Visual Culture.  Students complete either a thesis, a critical commentary or a special project.  The Bursary Award is a fantastic opportunity used by students as a way to kick start their project and learn more about the subject they are researching.

Caption: Bursary students with Taunton Deane Mayor and Councillor Jefferson Horsley.