College student takes leadership potential all the way to Number 10

A student at Somerset College has developed his leadership talents to such an extent that he was invited to visit Number 10 Downing Street.

George Webster, who studies computer games technology at the College, visited the Prime Minister’s residence as part of a National Citizen Service (NCS) Leadership Course. He was selected to attend the course after his stand-out performance in the College’s summer NCS programme, which encourages young people to become involved in community life.

The NCS Leadership Course is available to just 100 of the 65,000 students who take part in the NCS programme each year. It helps develop the skills of the most promising students, giving them an opportunity to take on ambassadorial roles for the organisation in the future.

On the final day of his course, George was taken to London for a series of leadership challenges. The highlight was a trip to Downing Street, where he and 18 of his contemporaries were entertained by David Cameron’s speech writer and had a meeting with the minister for civil society, Nick Hurd. On the agenda for discussion were the issues affecting young people in 21st century Britain, as well as the best ways to promote NCS.

Speaking about his experience, George said: “It was breath-taking to see someone so high up in government sit down and listen so intently and so carefully to what we had to say.”

George hopes now to take his relationship with NCS further, and has applied for a place on the organisation’s Youth Board. He says he will also be helping to encourage other young people to become involved in the programme, and extolling its virtues in the wider community.