First Students Move in to Canonsgrove Halls of Residence

College staff and wardens welcomed Freshers to the Canonsgrove Halls of Residence last weekend as they moved in to their rooms, full of anticipation for this exciting stage in their lives.  For most, it is their first time living away from home.

Canonsgrove has 195 rooms for students and is set in beautiful parkland which is surrounded by stunning countryside.  The site also includes a lively bar, sports hall and field, TV lounge, laundry and an outdoor BBQ area.

Rebecca Phillips is 18 and this is the first time she has lived away from home and family.  She has come from Gorran Haven in Cornwall to the College to study a Foundation Degree in Spatial Design, one of the few courses she could find that was relevant to her.  She also wanted to be near to Bristol where she thinks she stands a better chance getting good work placements and employment.  She is pleased that she isn’t too far away from home and could pop home for the weekend if she needs to.

 We talked to her as she was unloading her belongings and she said:

‘ I was quite nervous this morning but feel much better now I am here.  It is such a massive step for me, but I am looking forward to the independence and freedom it will bring.  I am really looking forward to meeting new people and having a fresh new start.   I like it so much here – I expected it to be all built up but it is a lovely setting.  I am really pleased my room is en-suite as well, so I don’t have to share with others people!’


Pat Mitchell, Manager of Canonsgrove Halls of Residence, said:


‘Many of the students arriving today are leaving home for the first time.  It’s a big step and we want to make sure they feel secure and happy here. We have a really friendly team of staff and wardens who ensure the halls are well maintained and provide a safe environment for students.


Canonsgrove is a fantastic space for students to live and learn as well as relax and enjoy themselves.’