Graphic Design Students work with New Somerset Charity

Six Graphic Design students at Somerset College are delighted to have had their designs selected for the launch of a new Somerset-based charity, Bemba Villages.
Richard Barwell, Tom Beers, Chris Ford and Vivian Melo designed the winning logo for the charity, whilst package design by Meg Bendle and Kate Ford was selected for the charity money box. The brief was given to year two FDA Graphic Design Students, with first year ND students working alongside them as mentees.
Anne Wilson, founder and trustee of the charity, said “The standard of presentations and the interpretations of my brief were of a very high quality and it was a tough choice to make the winning selections. I am grateful to all of the students who took part for their generosity and enthusiasm towards the project.”
Anne was brought up in Zambia and recently visited two isolated villages on the south eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika.  Due to the Rift Valley these villages have no road access, no school or health clinic and the nearest town is a four hour paddle across the lake. Bemba Villages is a registered charity with a target to raise £30k by the end of 2011 for the purchase of building materials.  The villagers are fine boat builders and, under Government supervision, will construct their own school and clinic. Anne has received assurances from the Zambian Government that, once buildings are constructed, the authorities will provide teachers and basic educational material.  
 Tony Dixon, lecturer in Arts and Design at the college said Good design is just as vital for charities and good causes as it is for business and government. All of the students involved in this exercise had a valuable experience in developing eye-catching and meaningful material that we all hope will succeed in boosting the success of Bemba Villages over the next eighteen months’


The photograph shows from left to right: Students:  Chris Ford, Tom Beers, Kate Ford, Meg Bendle, Vivian Melo, Richard Barwell.   Bemba Team -  Peter Wilson, Anne Wilson and Amanda Adams.  Tony Dixon , Lecturer in Arts and Design.