Norwegian educationalists visit Art and Design students at Somerset College

A group of Norwegian educationalists and politicians visited Somerset College this week, in a sign of its burgeoning international status.

The visitors came from the Rogaland region of Norway, from where a cohort of students comes to the College each year to study Art and Design.

During their time in Taunton, the Norwegian dignitaries had a chance to meet members of the College’s Art and Design department, as well as its senior team. They compared educational priorities in the UK and Norway, shared insights about teaching and learning strategies, and celebrated the benefits of international cooperation.

In addition, the visitors saw their students at work in the College’s art studios, and viewed plans for the forthcoming Arts House redevelopment project.  

The group of Norwegian delegates included senior teachers and government officials, as well as local politician, Erllen Jordal. The Principal of Bergerland Secondary School, Leif Gunnar Wikene, was present, along with the Rogaland Municipality’s Chief Education Director Joar Lolan and the Chairman of its Education Committee, Jan Gunnar Mattingsdal.

Speaking about the visit, Somerset College’s Principal and Chief Executive Rachel Davies remarked: “This was an important moment in our relationship with the Rogaland Municipality. It gave us a chance to share best practice with a valued international partner, and cemented a friendship that is beneficial to all involved.”

Davies continued: “I look forward to widening our global network in the future, so that we can continue learning from other providers, and share our expertise in vocational education and training on a world stage.”