Prizewinning Art and Design students share exhibit at Musgrove

A talented trio of designers from Somerset College are sharing a prize that will see their work exhibited at Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital.

The eighth annual collaboration between the hospital’s Art for Life project and the college’s textiles and surface design students was a competition that left judges with a headache.

Bronwen Gwillim, Musgrove’s Art Coordinator, said: “This year, the standard of the students’ work was extremely high and we were unable to make just one award.”

Instead, the opportunity to enhance a particular area of the hospital was shared between Joanna Bartoli, Mia Devereux and Polly Taylor.

“What is so good about our partnership with Somerset College is that the students are used to working on difficult briefs and so they are well prepared to create designs for the hospital that are strong, safe and easy to clean,” Bronwen added.

“I am sure that their work will bring a smile to those that see it and make being in hospital a better experience.”

The new exhibits will be on the walls at Musgrove later this year. Previous winners’ work can also still be appreciated in many parts of the hospital.

Pictured from left to right are: Somerset College students Joanna Bartoli, Mia Devereux and Polly Taylor.