Somerset College Students elected to the Students' Union Executive

10 students were successfully elected at the recent Somerset College Student Union elections, and now form part of the largest Somerset College SU Executive for the past 5 years, with 12 Student Executives in place.

Somerset College Students’ Union consists of a highly committed group of students who are voted into the Student Union Executive by the student populous. The posts they hold cover the important work of student welfare, events organisation, running and developing clubs, charity fundraising and much more.

The elections are held over a 4 week period and students nominate themselves for one of the advertised positions, and run their own election campaign.

Sam Coldwell, Further Education Student Liaison Officer said: ‘Congratulations to all the candidates for their hard work. Myself and both the FE and HE Presidents look forward very much to working with the new Students' Union Executive.  Credit must go to all involved in the elections as the Students' Union is now the largest it has been in the past 5 years with 12 Student Executives in place.’

 The photograph shows Tim Yeandle, Director of Student Services and Marketing, the Student Union Executive and Krystin Woodward, Senior Tutor Team Leader