Student-designed computer game goes live

A computer game designed by students at Somerset College has been published on the Somerset Wildlife Trust website.

The game, ‘Barney the Barn Owl’, was designed by students on the College’s Foundation Degree in Computer Games Technology. Its purpose is to educate users about wildlife habitats and conservation, as well as raising awareness of the Trust’s work.

Christopher Watts, Martin Ward, Daniel Moger, Max Berry, Liam Elliott, Adam Mills and Alan Hope worked hard to design a game that would be informative and enjoyable to play. It combines elements of a platform game with Q&A exercises that test the player’s knowledge.

All of the students have now progressed to Somerset College’s BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Technology. As a result, they will have to produce another game in the latter half of this year, giving them a further opportunity to hone their creative and technical skills.

You can play the game by clicking here.