rag week

Students embark on a 700 mile trek for charity

Three students from Somerset College in Taunton have just 24 hours to blag, beg and busk their way from Plymouth to Edinburgh all in the name of charity - and they are calling on the local community to help them reach their destination.

The event, known as ‘Jailbreak,’ is part of the national student charity event, Rag Week. It takes place on Friday 16th March and the trio need to be in Edinburgh by 10am or earlier on Saturday 17th March.  It will raise money for two popular national charities, Cancer Research UK and Help for Heroes.

The students, Anthony Grabham, Steve Ives and Bons Ralph, all studying a Foundation Degree in Computer and Internet Technology at Somerset College, have to make their way to Edinburgh from Plymouth without using their own money for transport. They have to undertake a number of challenges en route including having their picture taken at famous landmarks and collecting specific items from various locations.

Student Anthony Grabham said: “We are really excited to be taking part in this event! Not only will we be having our own adventure, but we will be raising money for two great charities.
“If any transport companies would like to offer us a lift part of the way that would be great, any help would be fantastic, and it’s all in the name of charity!”

Jailbreak is part of the University of Plymouth’s Rag Week, one the awarding bodies of Somerset College’s degree courses.

Caption: From left to right, Steve Ives, Bons Ralph and Anthony Grabham preparing for their jailbreak.