Laura, Amanda and Lisa at Somerset College

Students help McFly with Children in Need video

A ghoulish task was carried out by three Media Make-up students from Somerset College as they worked on the set of McFly's video for their Children in Need single.

Amanda White, Laura Cotterill and Lisa Lang - who are studying a Foundation Degree in Media Make-up - helped apply make-up to extras in the stunning video of the bands new single to help raise money for the charity event.

This was each of the students' first experience of working on a music video set and they did the make-up for the spectacular zombie's that feature in the video.

Amanda said: ‘The make-up we were putting on the zombies was stunning, it made them seem so lifelike and I can't wait to see the final version. I was really excited to have the chance to do the make-up, and I really enjoyed it.

‘It was great to be invited to work with an ex student who was designing the make-up for the zombies. It was also really nice to meet McFly '

Former student Victoria Muse was chief make-up artist on the set and requested that the students help out to gain experience of working on a real life set.

Lisa said: ‘It was really fun to do and it gave me a huge sense of achievement to know that millions of people will get to see my work as they watch and download the video.

‘I learnt so much during the experience. We do a lot of location work as part of our course, but this was a unique experience as we were working for a special cause and with such a well known act.

‘It was an experience that you are unable to recreate in the classroom, and certainly one that I will never forget.'

The three students were involved in applying the make-up and doing touch ups of extras on the set. They had to ensure that more than 50 actors looked like real zombies before filming started.

The girls were also able to see who fulfilled which roles on a music video set and to see who made the decisions. They also sampled the pressures that go with creating a video and getting it completed.

Laura said: ‘The experience made me realise how dedicated you have to be to create such dramatic make-up and work the long hours on set. You need to have a very rounded personality to be able to cope with the many different tasks you are faced with, but you are guaranteed to have fun on the set as it is an amazing experience.'

McFly's new song, the double-A side ‘Do Ya', from their current album Radio:ACTIVE, and a cover version of Rod Stewart and The Faces' Seventies hit ‘Stay With Me' are available to download from Sunday 23 November and available to buy in stores from Monday 24 November.

For fans eager to be amongst the first to get their hands on the new single, it will be available to pre-order on the Children in Need night on Friday 14 November.

The FdA Media Make-up course at Somerset College has recently been praised by the University of Plymouth, who validate the course, as being a ‘unique and prestigious' course, for further information click here.

Somerset College are holding Arts and Design Open Days on 18-20 and 24-26 November, for further information click here. Further days are being held in February 2009.