Students Take Part in Over 100 Work Placements

The photograph shows Health and Social Care Students in their uniforms, in readiness to go out to over 100 care organisations for their course-related work placements.  They work in a variety of settings including care homes, nurseries, pre-schools, schools hospitals, day care centres and nursing homes in Somerset and Devon.

The students are studying on the National Diplomas in Health Studies and Childrens’ Care and the First Diploma in Health and Social Care.

Tracy Morse, Qualification Manager for Social and Professional Studies said:

‘This is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain essential work experience and at the same time feel as if they are making a difference to the local community.  We really appreciate the time and effort the care organisations we work with put into this, and we get lots of positive feedback from them about how brilliant our students are.  Many end up working as either volunteers or paid staff in these organisations.’’