Surface Design lecturer selected for Arts debate

A panel of experts, including a member of Somerset College’s teaching staff, met recently to discuss the role of the arts in contemporary society.

Neil Musson, Interior Textiles and Surface Design Lecturer at the college, contributed to a Royal Society of Arts (RSA) debate that asked if the arts can remain a part of civil society without being subsidised from the public purse.

The debate was part of a wider initiative being organised by the RSA and local arts organisation The Dartington Trust to explore the future of the arts in the south west.

As a leading provider of arts-based education in the region, Somerset College was pleased to have a voice in the debate, which was held at Taunton’s Creative Innovation Centre on 7 September.

Similar debates have been held throughout the south west over recent months. They will result in an action workshop at Dartington Hall on 28 September, where the themes and issues explored by each local group will be examined in more detail. The overall objective is for an RSA/Dartington collaborative project relating to the arts.