Surface Design work with Art for Life

Our 2nd year Interior Textiles and Surface Design students met with Lisa Harty from Art for Life to talk through their designs today.

Musgrove Park Hospital’s Art for Life programme and Somerset College’s Interior Textiles and Surface Design Course have been collaborating for a number of years on an annual project. A brief is set for 2nd year students to respond to, allowing the students an opportunity to develop and produce work for the client.

Following a series of recent ward moves within the Hospital, Art for Life has been working with colleagues on a number of projects resulting from the ward reconfiguration programme. One of these projects is with AMU, the Hospital’s Acute Medical Unit, and it focuses on the corridor area that leads into the Unit.

The Art for Life brief for our students was to collaborate and develop 3 or 4 design ideas for the corridor that leads into AMU that signs and welcomes visitors and patients to the Unit.