Thousands of books saved for Climate Week

Libraries at Somerset College, Taunton, are celebrating national Climate Week (12 – 18 March), after clocking up savings of thousands of litres and metres on landfill space, trees used, greenhouse gases and more – through saving books.

Climate Week is a national celebration of all the positive steps workplaces and communities are taking to protect our environment and Somerset College’s Learning Resources Centres (LRCs) have been working in partnership with Better World Books, to keep books from landfill.

The LRCs have made a determined effort to recycle books and have sent 3,272 to BetterWorld Books, a social enterprise global bookstore that promotes world literacy and the sustainable use of books, rather than sending them to landfill.

“Staff and students have been great about handing in unwanted books, and the College also has text books and other printed materials we no longer use,” said Jolanta Peters, Research and Library Services Manager.

The recycled books meant savings of 48 trees, nearly 2,000 kg of greenhouse gases, six cubic metres of landfill space, over 10,000 Kwh of electricity, and more.

“We are very proud to be involved with the grassroots organisations and charities that help us keep unwanted books from landfill and create sustainable literacy solutions,” said Jolanta.
The College also promotes a number of other sustainable initiatives, including the use of 3,700 e-books in its catalogue.

Caption: Saving books from landfill for Climate Week - Jolanta Peters, centre, with students Yona Silva, left and Zeta Thorne.