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At Somerset College, we are committed to fostering close working relationships with local businesses. We view high-quality vocational education as an engine for growth in our economy, and offer our expertise in research, training and staff development on a consultancy basis throughout the South West.

In addition, we strive to embed our students in real-world work settings, thereby enhancing their employability and bringing fresh perspectives to our commercial partners.

Conference Centre in Somerset

Contact the Business Centre on 01823 366 555 / businesscentre@somerset.ac.uk

We’re proud of our links with the local business community, and believe they enhance the educational experience we offer our students. In addition, we value the chance to help drive the local economy, developing a highly-skilled workforce that is fit for the future.

Training for Students

As part of our vocational training package, we work closely with local employers to develop Apprenticeship programmes. This provides them with the chance to train junior colleagues and establish new talent. Moreover, it enables us to deliver real-world experience to our students, making them much more employable once they achieve their qualification.

It’s a similar story with our work placement programmes. Operating across a variety of industry sectors, we invite employers to take on a student for a limited period, giving them a range of experiences that will help their development bring fresh perspectives to our partner organisations.

Training for Business

Thanks to our expertise in training and development, we offer a comprehensive training package to local businesses. This can be tailored to suit your precise needs, or you can buy into our existing programme of seminars, conferences and workshops.

Either way, we’re confident that a relationship with Somerset College will equip, enable and empower your people to reach ever-greater heights. The benefits of this are clear for everyone concerned.

Leadership and management

Looking to identify and train the leaders of tomorrow? Our institution of Leadership and Management accredited courses will provide the building blocks for career success, and help business develop the talent that will be crucial for their future.

With an on-site conference centre and a variety of other corporate facilities, Somerset College is the perfect venue for your conference, meeting or training event.

Our team of professionals will support your event, providing refreshments and a warm welcome, and helping you make best use of the technology available. This includes an LCD projector, laptop and flipcharts in every room, while other equipment can be sourced on request.

In addition, the conference team offers a warm welcome to your guests, creating a professional atmosphere that alleviates stress and contributes to a constructive working environment. Tea, coffee and snacks are available throughout the day, and we can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner as necessary.

The Genesis Centre

If you want to see a cutting-edge building that uses the very latest sustainable materials, it’s well worth visiting The Genesis Centre. This is a state-of-the-art eco-building that shows just what can be achieved by using recycled materials and a bit of imagination.

The Genesis Centre grew out of a student project on sustainable buildings. It’s now a popular landmark on our Wellington Road campus, and has provided a rich experience to visitors including local schoolchildren, FE and HE students, construction industry professionals and interested lay-people. 

Get in touch with our Business Centre to find out more about our training packages, and our work with Apprentices and student placements.

If you’d like to book our conferencing facilities, please call 01823 366 743 or email conference@somerset.ac.uk