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Being a student at University Centre Somerset (UCS) extends far beyond gaining a qualification. It's a journey into practical learning, personal development, and social interactions. Alongside your studies, immerse yourself in extra-curricular activities, social events, and facilities designed to complement your 'real life' learning experience.

Our campuses and the surrounding areas are equipped with all you need to relish your leisure time. From vibrant common rooms and Students’ Union hubs with Wi-Fi, computers, games, and sports facilities, to on-site gyms, salons, restaurants and cafés, we ensure your time beyond studying is enriching and enjoyable. Explore new hobbies and connect with friends across our diverse campus facilities, which include a 9-hole golf course, equestrian centre and Activity Centre at our Cannington campus.

Students’ Union

As an undergraduate at a UK educational institution, you will be eligible to join the National Union of Students (NUS). Our own Students’ Union is affiliated to the national body and exists to represent your interests. Playing a key role in the UCS social scene, the Union organises trips, excursions, barbecues, and sports competitions, offering an array of opportunities to connect and engage with your peers.

Make a difference

Whichever campus you choose, seize opportunities to involve yourself in worthwhile causes. Such experiences not only enhance your CV but also contribute to your personal growth and reflect your capacity to make a difference - a skill highly valued by prospective employers.

British University & College Sports

At UCS, you can also join a sports team for competitive play or simply for fun. With a range of sport facilities available across our campuses, there's something for everyone. From gyms and a FIFA-approved artificial pitch, to sports halls and rehabilitation rooms, your journey at UCS can be as physically active as you desire. When you become a student, it's easy to let us know what you'd be interested in playing by completing the short form on this page. If there is enough demand, we'll run it!