Qualifications are an important asset to all of our lives as they are what allow us to inherit new skills which will benefit and improve (as well as working alongside) our older ones. 

From short introductory courses to professional counselling qualifications.

Enhance your career options with one of our professional courses. Spanning Accounting, Teaching, Counselling and Management our industry-experienced teaching staff and facilities ensure you have the opportunity to progress.

If you would like to develop your skills and gain new qualifications but are not able to attend College, a Distance Learning course could be the answer. They are designed to be studied in your own time and can be completed online or paper-based with the support of a specialist tutor. It is an ideal way to learn flexibly, cost-effectively and on your own terms.

Courses are offered online and paper based providing you with all the flexibility you need to pick up a course that can be followed without the need for regular attendance at College. They are perfect for people with busy lives.

We have a wide range of Distance Learning courses, in areas such as Customer Service, Business Administration and Health and Social Care. In addition, we deliver courses in IT and Management aimed at business people who want to develop their skills and progress their career.