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Animal Management, Ecology and Conservation

Across the animal management, ecology and conservation programme learners will gain valuable theoretical and practical knowledge in a diverse range of topics from captive animal health, behaviour and welfare to wild animal activities, conservation, and habitat management.

At the UCS’s Cannington Campus, students can study in the state-of-the-art Animal Management Centre with access to an extensive animal collection. A range of traditional and exotic mammals with more unusual species including amphibian, reptilian and avian species are offered to develop an enhanced experience alongside the more traditional theoretical learning. If you would like to see the animal management facilities tyourself, you can always come to an Open Day.

External habitat conservation areas, on- and off-site are used for further ecological and conservation experience throughout the programme. On campus a conservation area is used to develop field skills. Steart Marshes (WWT) the UK’s largest new working nature reserve with wild mammals including otters and a wide variety of bird species, also provides an excellent working local environment to support topical learning and research.