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Computing & Digital Technologies

Step into the dynamic world of computing and digital technologies at University Centre Somerset. Our innovative degree programmes equip students with the skills and knowledge to excel in this rapidly growing industry.

Led by experienced industry professionals, our curriculum covers a wide range of cutting-edge subjects, from software development and virtual reality to cyber security and artificial intelligence.

Experience our state-of-the-art Centre for Digital Technologies at our Taunton campus, providing access to excellent computing resources, including the latest virtual reality technology.

Through hands-on learning and access to cutting-edge resources, we equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this exciting industry. Join us and unlock a world of possibilities in computing and digital technologies.

Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) have been specifically developed with employers and businesses so that students will get the training, knowledge and skills they are looking for, unlocking high-skilled and highly paid jobs. The Computing and Digital Technologies Foundation Degree at UCS is one of the first Digital HTQs in the country.