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Embark on an exciting journey in the vibrant music industry and unleash your creative potential with a higher qualification in music at University Centre Somerset. Our programs are designed to nurture your talent and equip you with the skills needed to excel, whether you aspire to perform on stage or work behind the scenes.

Our Bridgwater campus boasts custom-built music production and mastering studios, as well as state-of-the-art recording facilities, including a high-end soundproof booth. These cutting-edge resources ensure that you have access to the same tools and technologies used in the professional music industry.

Our music students also get the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Brainworks Records, our in-house production label. This platform allows students the freedom to create, market, and distribute their music on their own terms. Brainworks Records has achieved remarkable success, accumulating over two million streams in just four years. Many of our students have launched their careers in the music industry through this invaluable springboard.