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13 September, 2022

Against the odds: Wendy wins Outstanding Commitment to Study Award

Each year, Ascentis hold their annual, nation-wide Excellence Awards. Student nominations roll in from all over the country, highlighting the great work of so many Access to HE students. This year, these nominees included Bridgwater local, Wendy Perks, whose hard work has earned her the Outstanding Commitment to Study Award.

The award, presented to one student each year, aims to celebrate a student’s “inspirational journey” in the course of their studies. One such journey can be found in Wendy’s own story; during her studies, she faced numerous challenges, from bereavement, to health struggles, and dyslexia. But despite adjusting to and overcoming several life-changing events, Wendy found the determination to keep up her studies.

She stayed on top of her coursework and took the time to meet up with lecturers so that she could catch up. This determination to carry on with her studies definitely paid off. As Wendy came to the end of her Access to HE studies, she had achieved impressive results, earning both her GCSE English and her diploma!

Course Leader, Pam Jones, shared:

“[We] are so glad that Wendy can be recognised for her astonishing perseverance and tenacity in the face of truly devastating and challenging circumstance during her academic year, and rewarded for not only achieving her Diploma through all this, but doing it with remarkable grades.”

A huge congratulations to Wendy on her Outstanding Commitment to Study Award. We wish you all the best as you continue on your HE journey! Beginning the Early Years and Childhood Studies degree with us here at UCS.