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28 July, 2022

Agricultural students hit the mark with farming proposals

This year, University Centre Somerset was delighted to welcome representatives from Lloyds Bank to the Cannington campus as part of the Agricultural Management degree students’ budgeting module.

In preparation for the representatives’ arrival, 16 students spent many hours preparing farm tendering proposals in groups. Hours of work that culminated in a formal presentation to the Lloyds representatives, where the pressure was on to speak well and present with confidence.

But did the students bow to this pressure? No! In fact, having listened to the students’ presentations, the three representatives could not have been more complimentary. They praised not only the presenters’ professionalism, but also the excellent quality of the work they produced. As a result, they also said that, had the proposals been submitted to the bank outside of this project, they would lend with only a few minor tweaks. On hearing this, Jason Gunningham, Assistant Principal, remarked:

“This feedback spotlights how the Agricultural Management degree programme at UCS is preparing students for experiences they will come across as graduates. This particular project is a fantastic example of employer engagement at UCS, and we would like to thank Lloyds Bank for their support.”

Applications are still open for Agricultural Management degrees, find out more here.