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5 June, 2020

Early Childhood Studies Students Get Creative

Our third year Early Childhood Studies degree students have shared their Creative Reflexive Projects (CRPs) in a different way this year, using video calls on Facebook Messenger!

The Creative Reflexive Practitioner module is designed to help learners develop their reflexive abilities and skills through creative mediums; important attributes that will assist their continued professional development. Students have drawn inspiration from their own journeys, perspectives, challenges and celebrations.

Students usually display their abstract pieces in the Atrium at our Taunton campus but this time overcame the challenges of sharing this practical piece of work at a distance by using video calls and photos instead.

Pictured above are works by Zara, Nerice and Hollie who each explain the meaning behind their work;

Zara Ruzzuti-Wattam

Between the foundations and the objects stands an ever-changing individual, that is me. The past has shaped me, and the future will shape me. This degree is another step in my upward journey. (part of her creative abstract for her model)

Nerice Pletts-Telfer

The creative piece reflects experiences at university, the challenges I had to face throughout the duration of the course, how difficult home life was like, the journey taken to become the practitioner I am now and what my aspirations are for the future. (part of her abstract for the creative piece)

Hollie Rees

Started from the bottom now we are here, Teachers, friends and family are always needed to make things clear. A cup of tea always solves everything, Although not my attendance for this Spring. Modules and assessments have challenged me, But theory and reflective practice allowed me to see. (Part of her abstract for her creative piece)