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30 March, 2021

Fine Art students exhibit in the United States

Creative University Centre Somerset students have collaborated with students from the University of Utah in a transatlantic exhibition entitled “A4/Letter.”

Students on Fine Art degree programmes at our Taunton campus first exhibited their contributions to the project at the Red Brick Building in Glastonbury in December 2019, before packing the pieces and shipping them across the Atlantic to Salt Lake City, where they are now on view alongside works by University of Utah students in the University’s Art & Art History Building.

The exhibition questions and uses ‘standard’ paper sizes from the UK and US. UCS Course Leader, Mark Fearbunce, explains,

“A4 is a familiar paper size in the UK at 210mm x 297mm. In the US, the standard letter paper is 215.9mm x 279.4mm. Like many points of comparison between the UK and the US it is similar, but different. In our respective countries we perceive of this size and shape as standard. Exhibited together, these works from the US and UK help to draw attention to the arbitrariness of the ‘standard’.

Having been delayed by Covid, it’s wonderful to think that the work of our students is finally being enjoyed alongside that of their contemporaries thousands of miles away."

UK Artists: Lindsay Wright, Sara Badger, Georgia Tippett, Sophie Gilroy, Liz Hutton, Vera Marques, Oli Kirkham, Mark Fearbunce.

US Artists: Heydar Rasoulpour, Emery Mortensen, Issak Wilhelm, Ed Archer, Holly Parson Nielsen, Al Denyer, Elizabeth Hardy, Tammy Vu, Ashia Chen.

Find out about Fine Art degree programmes at UCS here and for more information contact Mark at fearbuncem@btc.ac.uk