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10 May, 2023

Holly and Oliver reach finals of Farmers Club awards

University Centre Somerset Agricultural Management degree students Holly Bonner and Oliver Dascombe reached the finals of The Farmers Club Pinnacle Awards; a prestigious annual event that recognises and celebrates excellence in farm management. The awards are open to agricultural professionals and students from across the UK, and winners are chosen based on their innovative and sustainable approaches to farm management.

Out of the eight finalist slots, UCS students took two, a remarkable achievement for any university or higher education provider.

Holly was nominated after helping produce an outstanding group farm tendering project that was presented to Lloyds Bank as part of her degree programme. The project involved analysing the potential uses of buildings and land, developing physical and financial plans, and creating a farming business that was both viable and profitable.

Oliver completed a viability study exploring plans to construct a new robotic dairy enterprise on Rodway Farm at the Cannington campus. This project incorporated all physical and financial aspects of farm management, including animal welfare and sustainability, while striving for and maintaining profitability.

Both students presented to, and were interviewed by, an expert panel before attending a formal dinner at The Farmers Club headquarters in London. They follow in the footsteps of several UCS alumni who have achieved recognition at previous Pinnacle Awards over recent years.

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