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29 June, 2023

Now Creative 23 End of Year Exhibition

More than 600 visitors, including employers, schools, and creative organisations, flocked to the Taunton campus in June to view Now Creative 23. The end of year exhibition brought together a diverse range of creative works, captivating the audience with story-telling animations, breath-taking photography, powerful character design, stunning interior design, innovative catwalk fashion, thought-provoking moving image projects, awe-inspiring sculptures, immersive fine art installations, and professional media make-up creations. The showcase also featured outstanding creative digital graphic design projects stemming from live projects and local work placements.

For many students, Now Creative 23 marked the beginning of their artistic journey, where they gained confidence in communicating their messages through visually engaging mediums in preparation for their next steps. For others, it was a bittersweet end of an era, having dedicated up to five years of hard work and commitment to their studies. Reflecting on this creative experience, the exhibition celebrated their successes, whether that be securing a university place or pursuing one of the 2.3 million creative jobs (DCMS 2022) available in Somerset and beyond. We extend our congratulations to all our talented students and wish them the very best in their exciting futures.

If you aspire to be part of this vibrant creative community next year, whether as a school leaver pursuing Level 1, 2, or 3 Diplomas, a Degree student, or an adult learner exploring short creative courses, visit to apply today.