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4 April, 2019

Our Learning and Resources Team wins the CDEG Diversity Award

Our Learning Resources Centre is one of the three winners in the annual CDEG Diversity Award for outstanding achievement in promoting diversity. 

 The library team received a Diversity Award 2018/Highly Commended for their outstanding achievement in the promotion of diversity through library and information services. The award was presented for the Conversation Café initiative run at the College. The Conversation Café is a weekly drop-in initiative that promotes diversity and multicultural blending by enabling foreign speakers to practise speaking English over a cup of tea/coffee in a social yet educational environment. It helps attendees feel less isolated, integrate better into the local community and College, and make new friends.  

The award was presented by the CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) Community, Diversity & Equality Group, which promotes the development of a diverse library and information workforce and supports communities to achieve sustainable needs-based services. 

Library staff and one of the Conversation Café attendees are pictured receiving the award at the CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) HQ in London. The award was presented by Russel Barrow, a keynote speaker at the Diversity Awards ceremony, and Dave Percival, Community, Diversity and Equality Group Chair.

Find more information here.