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30 March, 2022

Students Explore Career Options on trip to Monkey World

Last week, our Animal Management and Wildlife Conservation students took a trip to Monkey World, a primate rescue centre in Dorset.

The centre, open since 1987, has rescued and provided rehabilitation for over 250 primates, across 25 different species.

Our students listened to a talk delivered by the primate care staff, who discussed the history of the individuals there, the centre’s breeding programmes and the career opportunities available at Monkey World. While there, students were able to observe captive behaviours of a variety of primate species and the husbandry protocols in place to care for them. They also viewed a range of different enclosure designs and discussed how they might benefit the primates.

Students had a fantastic day out in the sun and learnt a lot about possible career paths that may be open to them on completion of their degree.

Applications to Animal Management and Wildlife Conservation courses at UCS are still open for this September. Find out more here.