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4 May, 2023

The votes are in!

Storm is elected as the new Student President for University Centre Somerset.

The new UCS Student President, Storm, is set to take the reigns as UCS Student President in September, with students voting overwhelmingly in her favour.

The Public Services & Criminology student will be taking on the role after her predecessor, Bethan, steps down. She is already excited to take on the challenge, making a difference to her community. 

"This role will allow me to contribute vastly to UCS, its students, and the community with the future charity events that will be organised."

Until then, she will be keeping herself busy with her course and plenty of volunteering, including working with St John's Ambulance. Her campaign for student president closed with this:

"UCS has allowed me to thrive in the best way possible, and I want to help others accomplish the same."

A huge congratulations to Storm on her success, we can't wait to see what she'll do next!

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