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22 February, 2024

UCS Staff Conference: Fostering Innovation and Excellence in Education

Last week, the UCS staff team convened for our annual HE Conference at the Taunton Conference Centre. This event provides a vibrant forum for exchanging best practices and receiving the latest updates from the HE sector, underpinning the UCS commitment to ‘DEGREES FOR REAL LIFE.’

A highlight was the presentation on UCS Elevate by Louise Hannan and Max Dalda Muller, showcasing their strategies for embedding added-value into the curriculum and recording student progress against the six UCS Elevate statements. Adam Sturt’s segment on Teaching and Learning, along with the launch of the latest UCS Research and Scholarship Showcase publication, further highlighted UCS's dedication to student outcomes and cutting-edge pedagogy.

The World Café session facilitated dynamic group discussions on several key themes, including the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on assessment practices, and the positive use of generative AI to support faculty and students. These conversations underscored the forward-thinking approach of our staff to education, particularly in integrating technology to enhance learning outcomes.

By holding these staff events and fostering an environment where educators are continuously researching, learning and applying new methodologies, we ensure that our students are receiving an education that is not just current but also deeply relevant to the real world. This commitment to ‘DEGREES FOR REAL LIFE’ is what sets UCS apart as a leading provider in higher education, where ambition and practical skills are nurtured for the success of every student.