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1 June, 2022

University Centre Somerset host Ideas Foundation Jubilee Pageant Project

University Centre Somerset was very proud to host the Ideas Foundation Jubilee Pageant Project at the Arts House on our Taunton Campus.

Year 9 pupils from 4 local schools; Bridgwater College Academy, Robert Blake, Haygrove and Stanchester, took part in the Ideas Foundation Jubilee Pageant project at the Arts House on 27 April.

Under the theme of the ‘Commonwealth of Kindness’ the students who attended were invited to develop ideas that celebrate the values of Her Majesty. The Queen has said in her Platinum Jubilee Statement in February 2022 that she wants young people to have a sense of hope and opportunity’. 

Hope, optimism, neighbourhoods and communities are key to this celebration year. Said Heather MacRae, CEO of the Ideas Foundation. “We can see how talented young people from across the country have  create amazing digital stories  that celebrate The Queen’s values of kindness, commonwealth, and inclusivity.”  

Over 600 students aged 11- 19 took part in a range of digital storytelling workshops – working alongside leading photographers such as Canon Ambassador Clive Booth.  Students were offered the opportunity to create images using Canon kit.  The projects empowered young people to create posters showing how they can celebrate kindness in their communities.

Bridgwater College Academy’s poster was selected to be displayed on Clear Channel’s digital screens across Taunton.

Rosanna Machado, CEO of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant said: “Ensuring that young people can play a part in the Platinum Jubilee Pageant is something that is very important to us. We’re delighted to be working with the Ideas Foundation on this exciting project with children and young people from across the UK.