Learning Resource Centre

The HE Study Centre houses textbooks, reference books and periodicals to help you succeed with your studies. Many of the resources available to students can also be accessed remotely from home.

In addition, the HE Study Centre is fully covered by our WiFi network and have PCs, Apple Macs and laptops for your use. You are also welcome to bring in your own laptop and use the WiFi connection.

The range of resources available to you include:

The Learning Resources Team is always on-hand to help you search for the information and materials you need, and teach you information handling and research skills in order to help you make the best use of the available resources.

Our aim is to support your success by providing you with high-quality library and e-learning services

Existing students registered for the internal Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) can get more information on our Learning Resources Centre and access online resources using Blackboard. To find out more, contact: