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Accommodation is an important factor when choosing to study away from home. We maintain a consistently professional provision in line with government Care Standards under the National Framework, which are reviewed regularly. This ensures that students can live and learn in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. Living in on-site accommodation is a brilliant way of making new friends, gaining confidence and becoming more independent.

Any student studying full-time can apply for accommodation and priority is given to students applying to study a land-based, Higher Education or specialist course, or living outside of a 30 mile radius of the University Centre.

Our Halls of Residences are based in the picturesque village of Cannington. Our Halls are within easy walking distance of the Cannington Campus, just 3 miles from our Bridgwater Campus and 13 miles from the Taunton Campus. 

Some of our students chose to ‘live out’, sharing accommodation with friends and rent privately. For students who wish to live in shared accommodation in one of our local towns or villages, or rent a room in a private house, our accommodation office collates a list of suitable properties.

These are not managed by the University Centre and students are responsible for agreeing suitable terms with landlords. For more information and advice, please speak to Student Support on 01278 655126 or 01278 441233, or email