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Neurodiversity Affirming Practice Workshop with Dr James Tarling

Taunton Campus

Wednesday 24 April 2024 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Join us for an interactive workshop to aid awareness of neurodiversity in the education sector and wider workplaces. The evening will focus on adaptive practice to support inclusivity, with shared resources to take away from the session to use and embed in your own workplace. The event has been organised by our Initial Teacher Training course leader, highlighting themes such as the 'Double Empathy Problem' and the 'Neurodiversity Paradigm'.

James was awarded ‘highly recommended’ TES FE Teacher of the Year, for his work on student wellbeing and vocational education. He achieved his PhD whilst working as Assistant Principal/SENCo at a specialist SEN FE college, focusing on wellbeing, flow and creativity.

James is a passionate advocate for SEND, social justice and sustainability, and is currently a full-time researcher and programme lead for BA Education at the Plymouth Institute of Education.

James has published several peer reviewed articles in a range of publications including the Journal of Education Sciences, ARPCE and the Teaching Times, and has presented widely across the UK including at the BERA Annual Conference, the ARRPCE International Conference at Oxford University and featured on the #FEResearchmeet Podcast.

Please register for the evening using the link above.