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Cannington Campus

Animal Management Centre

The £1 million Animal Management Centre at Cannington provides a state-of-the-art setting for studying animal welfare and management. It has large theory and practical rooms and houses an extensive animal collection.

There are 11 separate animal areas, which include domestic rabbits and rodents, exotics rodents, nocturnal animals, cage & aviary birds, armadillos & genet, squirrels, ferrets and chipmunks.

There are 3 tropical/reptile & aquatic areas, housing a variety of species of snakes, lizards, invertebrates, chelonians and amphibians, as well as tropical, cold water and marine fish tanks.

Outside enclosures include birds of prey, chickens, marmosets and a raccoon dog. There are also 7 large paddocks containing Alpacas, Suffolk sheep, goats, pigs, donkeys and a pony nearby.

The collection overall offers a very wide diversity of species of animals all with individual needs and management plans. Enabling us to offer students the opportunity to work with a range of animals, to become competent, practical adept animal handlers and carers, with a huge scope for observation and further in-depth research where required.  Students are encouraged to take ownership of the collection and use it as an opportunity to feed their passion and develop their own managerial skills.

Campus Details

Cannington Campus, Rodway Hill, Cannington, TA5 2LS Call 01278 441234 Email
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