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22 May, 2023

Exploring Agricultural Business Diversification

Agricultural Management degree students recently embarked on a field trip to Great Kellow Farm in the picturesque town of Polperro, Cornwall. As part of their Business Diversification and Marketing module, the visit aimed to provide a firsthand understanding of how farms successfully integrate diversification opportunities alongside traditional agricultural enterprises.

Nestled amidst the serene beauty of Cornwall, Great Kellow Farm stands as an example of combining diverse ventures harmoniously. Alongside their thriving beef and sheep enterprises, farmers Daniel and Sadie Stanbury have established a flourishing caravan and campsite, a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit.

During their visit, the students were privileged to engage in an in-depth discussion with Daniel and Sadie who recounted their journey, starting from the acquisition of the farm tenancy to their accomplishments in business growth. Their story resonated with the students, igniting a spark of inspiration for those seeking alternative paths towards managing their own farming businesses.

The experience at Great Kellow Farm shone a light on the importance of embracing change and seeking new opportunities in agriculture. Armed with the inspiration gained from the Stanburys, these aspiring agriculturalists are better equipped to navigate the complexities of diversification and marketing in the ever-evolving farming industry.

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