Policies & Procedures

The information and documents below form the wider information set for Bridgwater & Taunton College’s Higher Education provision. 

Quality Assurance

University Centre Somerset works with Higher Education institutions, namely University of Plymouth, The Open University, Oxford Brookes and UWE (University of the West of England). We also deliver Higher Education programmes through the awarding body Edexcel. In all cases the quality assurance methodology follows the requirements of the validating or awarding institution. University Centre Somerset has developed quality assurance policies and processes which enable University Centre Somerset to operate all qualifications within a framework that is consistent with the requirements of the Quality Assurance Agency.

University Centre Somerset sets out these obligations in a number of policies and procedures. These can be found in the following documents:

Key Information



Student Funding

Equality and Diversity

Assessment and Academic Progression


University Centre Somerset has significant Higher Education partnerships with prestigious universities which validate the University Centre Somerset’s Foundation Degrees and Honours degrees. These partnerships exist to widen participation in higher education and deliver first-class degrees to the communities we serve.

All partnerships are underpinned by an Academic Co-operation Agreement which clearly details the responsibilities of each partner. The validating institutions set the framework for the academic standards to be delivered, monitored, assessed and validated. University Centre Somerset is responsible for meeting these standards and complying with the academic requirements.

These requirements are consistent with the UK Quality Code for Higher Education of the Quality Assurance Agency. University Centre Somerset is also responsible for the development of all degree programmes.

University Centre Somerset also offers Higher National Certificates and Diplomas through the Awarding Body Edexcel. These awards comply with the academic requirements of the Awarding Body. University Centre Somerset is responsible for the delivery, assessment and internal verification of the standards which are externally moderated and verified by the Awarding Body. Most courses have a prescribed specification produced by the Awarding Body.

The Open University Regulations

University of Plymouth Information

University of the West of England

Oxford Brookes University

Employability Statement

University Centre Somerset is committed to employability and enterprise. Please visit our Vision and Aims section for further information.

Links with Employers

In addition, University Centre Somerset has extensive links with employers who contribute to University Centre Somerset at a strategic, operational and academic level.

Student Engagement

University Centre Somerset has an active and effective student union, which plays a significant role in assisting to meet student expectations and provide a stimulating and vibrant learning experience. Officers co-ordinate a team of course representatives who work together to provide feedback on the quality progress of courses. Students participate fully in the University Centre Somerset’s academic arrangements and attend academic committees.

One FE student and one HE student are elected by the student body to be full members of the University Centre Somerset’s Board of Corporation and participate in the governance of University Centre Somerset alongside the other Board members.

Student Complaints and Procedure

If you are a student studying at University Centre Somerset and wish to make a complaint, you can view the policies by clicking on the following links.

The Complaints Policy and Procedure apply to all HE students with the exception of students studying on the University of Plymouth validated programmes, who should refer to the University of Plymouth complaints procedure below.

Academic Appeals

Data Protection Policy

To view University Centre Somerset's policy on Data Protection and the Retention of Student Records please click the link below.

Other Policies and Procedures