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Research and Scholarly Activity

University Centre Somerset (UCS) staff are continuously engaging in research and scholarly activity to keep abreast of the latest developments in their disciplines; working closely with employers and industry and driving innovation. Research-active UCS staff demonstrate their passion by enhancing teaching and learning at UCS and beyond, and adding to the students’ positive learning experience. Some of our research projects involve students as partners in research and inquiry alongside staff, to equip them with valuable research and employability skills for the future.  

UCS organises its annual Research and Scholarship Symposium to showcase the breadth of staff research across the institution. The Symposium provides the UCS community with an opportunity to share good practice, highlight innovations and ongoing developments in their disciplines and foster collaboration amongst researchers.  Research articles are published in the annual Research and Scholarly Activities publication, you can see our most recent articles here:

Staff present at regional, national and international conferences and events, showcasing their engagement in research and scholarship to wider audiences. UCS is an adoptee of the national Scholarship Framework, the main purpose of which is to promote scholarship in College-Based Higher Education and enhance student learning through various forms of scholarship. These include undergraduate research and consultancy projects; engagement with local, national, and international community service projects; application of knowledge and skills in work-based placements; engagement in mentoring, peer support and assessment; collaborative group work, and students as partners in educational development and inquiry. 

UCS works closely with partner university colleagues, employers and industry in developing and enhancing higher education programmes which provide students with the valuable graduate skills required for the 21st century job market.